Our goal is the creation of high quality and individual regranulates made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) in constant coordination with our customers.

Pure plastic products - especially foils - which arise as production rejects in plastic processing companies, represent the raw materials for this. The exclusive industrial or production waste (as a clear distinction to post-consumer recycling) is bought up by LH-Plastics GmbH. This incoming goods are exactly analyzed and pre-sorted in our own production.

Furthermore, we can add a wide variety of additives or color batches during the extrusion process in order to implement individual customer specifications even better.

Our standard products include rLDPE, rLLDPE, rHDPE and rPP transparent and white coloured.

The LH-Plastics regranulates are used, for example, in the blown film, cast film or injection moulding industry. The quality controls carried out in-house enable a consistently high quality of our products, which are delivered to national and international customers.

You can also use our high-quality PE and PP regranulates.

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Polyethylen (PE) regenerates

PE-LLD transparent
PE-LD transparent
PE-LD transparent B-Ware
PE-LLD weiß
PE-LD weiß
PE-LD bunt hell
PE-LD bunt dunkel
PE-LD bunt
PE-LD blau
PE-LD Schwarz
PE-HD transparent
PE-HD bunt

Polypropylen (PP) Regenerat

PP clear MFR 8-12
PP transparent MFR 4-6
PP colored MFR 6-10
PP colored MFR 2-4